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I have to share this one with you. Here at Sublime Stitching, I am touched daily by your words of kindness, enthusiasm, and sometimes-teary expressions of joy and relief at finally finding alternative embroidery patterns and instructions. You even write the occasional rap song about me. But this poem, THIS has made my year (and has already been emailed to my mom). I am smiling from ear to ear, and if I'm ever accused of having a big head, it's all Anna's fault. Please, let's hush now and listen to her moving recitation...

Ode to Sublime Stitching
by Anna Ostendorf of Red Wing, MN

Jenny Hart's stitching is so sublime,
It inspires me to break out a rhyme.
I love to sit and sew away,
When strangers see, they have to say
"Tell me, what is that you're making?
Is that a diva roller skating?!"
Sanskrit, pin-ups, skulls and bones,
Embroidery livens up my home.
No country geese or teddy bears,
They're hip designs I'm proud to wear.
Reviving Granny's near lost art
Is kick-ass crafter Jenny Hart.

BRAVO! Oh Anna, I'm wiping happy tears away realizing my years of building this little company are not in vain! Thank you, thank you. You'll be getting a l'il somethin' somethin' in the mail from us soon. (And, that's not really Anna in the photo- thanks to The UC Dept. of Theatre and Dance for letting me borrow an image.)

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