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Start the presses!

Look, I really do have better things to do than toot my own horn. But dang if Sublime Stitching hasn't gotten some really great press recently! It's all too much to scan: Adorn, Cutting Edge, Nylon and a big 'ol spread in the new zine Craft (which also includes my How to Embroider a Skateboard project) just to name a few. BUST, Venus, CraftTrends and Knit1 all heart Sublime Stitching too, so nyeah. If you're in Austin, maybe you saw the spread in Jewel or Rare. And then there's La Ciudad in L.A....hey- I see you rolling your eyes! I'm not finished yet. C'est moi la featured Crafty Query on Subversive Cross Stitch, and there's a really great interview with me about the hair embroidery (yes you read that right) by Tsia Carson over on Okay, even I'm sick of me now.

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