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We're in The Economist

Just in case you were wondering why that cover is up there insted of some cute, new embroidery design. I'm kind of stunned about this one. We've enjoyed a lot, and I mean a lot of great press over the past few years (btw, our press page hasn't been updated in well over a year), but I never dreamed that the name of my company would be casually bandied about in The Economist whence discussing Martha Stewart's new line of craft kits (em, 'imaginate'??) like so:

'...Perhaps Ms Stewart's arrival on the scene will earn scrapbooking a little more respect. Other crafts, after all, are taken seriously. The Whitney Museum of American Art in New York featured an exhibit of quilts a few years ago. Knitters click away on the subway. Sublime Stitching, based in Austin, Texas, sells embroidery patterns featuring pirates and pieces of sushi. True, a preoccupation with the relative merits of various types of decorative sticky tape is not for everyone. But a well made scrapbook is more impressive than yet another of those itchy scarves.'

Well, there it is. I feel quite grave and serious about this embroidery business now. Mom, are you reading this?

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