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We're Gonna Shake IT!

image via American Art Archives

Greetings, Sublime Stitching Blog readers! Jessica here, Jenny's veracious supernatural being of diminutive human form, and well, uh, helper. Today I'm helping by using my magical blogging powers so that Jenny can continue to work on all the mah-vuh-luhs new products she has up her sleeve. If you're in Austin, come help us celebrate the Summer Solstice this Thursday:

WHAT: Ararat Restaurant's Black Tie and Flip Flop Affair to benefit their search for a new home
WHEN: Thursday, June 21st 6pm-Midnight
WHERE: Cafe Mundi , Austin, TX
WHY: Sublime Stitching will have a Booth!

They're setting up a bazaar filled with psychic readings, handmade jewelry, local arts, crafts, community/world information, and belly dancers. Mmm, belly dancers. Plus DJ MaryMac (a.k.a. Mary, our General Manager) will be providing a booty-shakin' dance party! Please come by, say hi and support the future of this beloved Austin institution. We'll be there with finger-bells on.

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