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Support your local needlework shop!

I've published an article over on talking about my experiences exhibiting at TNNA (The National Needlearts Association)'s trade show for the last several years and learning about the state of most independent needlework retailers. And it ain't pretty. While hip, new, DIY craft shops are popping up all over (and we love 'em!), the smaller, traditional needlework shops are taking a hit because they don't seem to know how to get new stitchers to cross their thresholds. We're trying to help, because there are many reasons you should visit your mom 'n pop needlework shop! Do you know what they are? Go read the article to find out. Yeah, yeah, I know. There's ducks and bunnies and stuff in there. Look away! But don't walk away. These independent businesses offer much that no other store does (real live needleworkers staffing the place, glad to help educate new stitchers, for one thing). And, we've also highlighted our needlework shops in the retailer listings so you know where to go for knowledgable help figuring out that tricky stitch (and get your Sublime Stitching fix at the same time). Is there a needlework shop in your area we should know about? Please let us know! - Jenny

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