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FASA - Fiber Artists of San Antonio

The Fiber Artists of San Antonio recently invited me to be their monthly speaker. So there I was, addressing a group of around 50 seasoned stitchers in a church basement (ah, memories of VBS from my childhood) with home-baked goods laid out on the kitchen bar for grazing. It's always a bit intimidating for me to address a room full of senior, seasoned stitchers like this. I fear they'll wag their fingers at me and call me some rabble-rousing upstart who doesn't really know how to keep her stitches neat. But, it was just the opposite. They were genuinely curious about the new trends in needleworking and made me feel like I'd won the approval of 50 grandmotherly stitchers. I did my best to tell them my story and let them know that a keen interest in handcrafts was indeed alive and well!

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