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SXSW Bigtop Blowout

Ah, it's that time again. The glorious madness of SXSW. People from all over the globe are slowly trickling into Austin, Texas by the thousands and we welcome you with open arms. Visitors and locals alike- be sure to keep an eye out for Sublime Stitching goods, because they will be surfacing at several lively events next weekend.

First up - Thursday, March 13 from noon to 8 p.m., when Birds Barbershop (2110 S. Lamar) will be hosting a day of free music, free carnival fun, free Sublime Stitching prizes, and, um, free bozo haircuts (seriously). This is a good one to bring the kiddies to - there'll be circus performers and one of those big inflatable bouncy things.

The line-up:

Hopewell (Noon)
Zookeeper (1:30)
Lykke Li (2:15)
Hymns (3:00)
Dawn Landes (3:45)
Dizzee Rascal(4:30)
Mothfight (5:30)
Sons & Daughters (6:15)

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