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The First Tea Towel Tour

Sometime last year, we inaugurated the "Tea Towel Tour" as a way to product test a new tea towel we wanted to carry by sending it along to participating stitchers, having each one add their own work, (and also review the quality of the towel for us) resulting in a collaborative, stitching 'jam' and direct customer feedback for us. This first tea towel tour had a sad ending though because the last participant never returned the towel to its final destination here at Sublime Stitching. We were really bummed about it, despite every effort to get the towel back, and especially since this was the first tour.

Meanwhile, the concept of 'tea towel tours' took on a life of its own, and several have gone on to successful stitching jams across the country. Well, the other day I had a very special surprise. Several stitchers from the first tour as well as other enthusiastic souls put together a towel just for me. Who, me? I was truly touched by the gesture. I want to thank the ladies who made this happen! If you want to read about who's behind this bit of stitching-from-the-heart-goodness and see closeups from the towel, check out: Average Jane Crafter 's entry on delivering the towel, see closeups on Craftster and don't miss Floresita's contribution. Thank you so much everyone. See the goofy grin on my face? All better now.

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