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New Patterns!



So, uh..if we have new patterns up (woot!), why is there a picture of these lovely ladies for this post? Let me introduce to you two extremely talented and helpful friends of Sublime Stitching.

Alicia Traveria (left) is an enormously gifted artist and illustrator. She also illustrates my monthly Crafting a Business column on Venus. We did a survey last year to see if our customers would riot in the streets if I didn't in fact design each and every sheet of patterns myself, as I've done for the last seven years. Out of 2,000 respondents, the overwhelming consensus was "We love you and always want to see your designs, and we'd welcome new designers to the Sublime Stitching line too". Phew! Sounds good to me. So, please make Alicia feel welcome, and check out the amazing job she did creating the Sexy Librarians sheet for us.

Amy Bindel (right) has been a Sublime Stitching supporter for many years, and I've admired her meticulously stitched projects that she's posted online and in her etsy store. I approached Amy to see if she'd like to help me stitch up samples and examples. Lucky me, she said yes. Some of her fine handwork can be seen on our Julie West, Sexy Librarians and Lisa Petrucci patterns.

Soon, I'm going to introduce you to the other people who pull this whole production together. It used to be just me around here, but not any more. Think I'm taking it easy as a result? Think again! Lotsa new stuff awaits that you'll only find here with us. For now, get yourself the new line of designs!

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