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Naughty Secretary Book Out Now!

NSC Book

Our good friend Jennifer Perkins (Naughty Secretary Club, Austin Craft Mafia, Stitch Fashion Show and DIY's Craft Lab hostess) can add a new feather to her cap: author! Jennifer's book, The Naughty Secretary Club: The Working Girl's Guide to Handmade Jewelry is out now. Jen's style and sense of humor has always been a total scream, and her re-vamped vintage jewelry creations are innovative, eye-catching, and fun without sacrificing style. Her book is packed with more than 50 kitschy, secretary-themed jewelry projects, plus lots of quirky sidebars covering office romance and the best secretary theme songs to listen to on your lunch break (she always has the best playlists). Congratulations Jen! We'll be adding this to the craft library for sure. 

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