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New Website!

New Web Site
Notice anything different? No, I didn't get my hair cut...we have a new website! Pheweee, if only you knew how long it took us to get here. This new version has been a looooong time coming. And for those of you just nerdy enough to appreciate this: I have been maintaining the site by myself in hand-coded (no gui) html for lo these nearly seven years. Don't ask me why (I like to do things the hard way, apparently). But, you don't want to hear about that. You want to hear about the new stuff, like the return of the Customer Gallery! The directory of Stitching Groups and the soon-to-be-expanding How-To section! Yes, they look a bit plain now 'cause we're still hanging curtains and buying throw pillows and stuff for our new pad. We also now offer Gift Certificates and you can Suggest a Retailer near you to help us bring Sublime Stitching closer to your door. So poke around, make yourself at home, and enjoy the new-and-way-improved website! (What do you think, do you like the colors? Do they match the couch? I dunno. You tell me).

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