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Sublime Stitching on French TV

Jenny on set of
Bonjour mes amis, I'm going to be on French television this week! I'm quite excited about it. How did this happen? I appeared on Wendy Russell's Canadian HGTV show "She's Crafty" which then got picked up for distribution in France and re-named "Talons Aiguilles et Macramé" (High Heels and Macrame). So, somewhere on TV sets across Europe I will be teaching embroidery with a dubbed-over voice in français. I've been emailing all my friends abroad to let them know about it, but thought it would be fun to tell you too. Since we can't all make a field trip to France (wah) here's a link to behind-the-scenes photos on Flickr you can check out! Ouah! (That's French for "Yeah!") Okay, okay -enough with the French jibber jabber.

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