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Stitcher's Challenge: Micro Monogram


Could this be the teensiest monogrammed pillow ever? Look how huge my finger looks next to it! Measuring in at a darling 1.5" square, it's about the right size for a mouse to lay its precious, worried mousy head upon. Think you can do tinier? Prove it. Stitch it!

Tiny Monogram Challenge!
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Prize: Boxed Set of Craft: The First Year (Issues 1-4)
(including the first issue with Jenny's interview and embroidered skateboard project!)

How: Submit via the Customer Gallery!
We'll post our favorite submissions and the winner.

Deadline: Tuesday, January 20 (winner announced Jan. 23)

Rules: Not many. We will select the tiniest and most aesthetically pleasing embroidered pillow
(which is to say, our ruling will be highly subjective and final).

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