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Fred Flare Valentine Benefit

How great is Fred Flare? They provide some of the cutest, coolest, most dynamite gifts online and in their new Brooklyn shop, maintain a juicy gossip blog (that I embarrassingly follow daily), and have hearts of gold. Currently they are requesting handmade Valentines to benefit Elder Craftsmen, a NYC organization that brings craft workshops to local senior citizens.

Above is the Valentine Jenny created. Sooooo sweet huh? You can see it up close on our flickr page, and you can buy it for $4 during the last week of January at Fred Flare!

Inspired? You can submit one too! This is how it works: You create a Valentine and mail it to Fred Flare at 300F Kingsland Av, Brooklyn NY 11222 by January 15. They hang it up in the store / sell it online for $4. And all benefits go to the Elder Craftsmen program! Easy. 

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