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Micro Monogram Winner!


We got out the magnifying glass and carefully inspected the numerous entries we received for the Sublime Stitching Micro Monogram challenge. After much squinting and eye-strain, we selected a winner whose project really stood out! (Under a microscope, that is) Melissa Taylor of Hill Air Force Base in Utah, submitted the teensiest little tiny monograms on wee little pillowcases! I'll admit it: the pillowcase and tiny bed setting is what clinched it. Congratulations! Melissa will be receiving a complete boxed set of the first year of CRAFT!  But please don't miss the other wonderful entries worthy of note that we are showcasing in Sublime Stitching Customer Gallery. We received more entries than we could show, and want to thank everyone who entered! Check back again soon for a new challenge to your stitches. 

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