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Is it just me or are there a lot of yogi-crafters out there? Ever since Jenny's Yoga-Broidery class at NYC's Om Yoga back in December, intersections between yoga and crafting seem to be everywhere - tutorials on creating yoga mat bags, handmade yoga pants, yoga girl screenprints, lotus flower onesies... Maybe the unsteady economy has more people unrolling their yoga mats and pulling out their hoops and needles to find flexibility and sanity amid financial chaos. Whatever the reason, the association makes perfect sense. Crafting and yoga are both big stress relievers, both can be done alone or in a group, and both are inexpensive and healthy habits!

Here are a few sites that we've come across that highlight the crafting-yoga connection:

  • Kat Robinson leads Sewing Yoga classes in Missouri that are designed to help with the aches and pains associated with sewing (but I’m sure would work for crafters of all types!). She also has a Sewing Yoga DVD, which is available on her website. Link

  • A four-part Yoga for Crafters article on Crafting a Green World with great instructions. Ahh, my back’s feeling better already!

  • Don't forget about Stephanie Friedman's Yoga For Crafters blog, full of wonderful links.
  • Check out this Threadbanger video to learn how to make flip flops from an old Yoga mat. 
  • And do you own a Sublime Stitching Lotus Flower Journal? It's made with 'tree-free' papers, using recycled cotton rags. And the Om Sweet Om patterns are perfect stitched on a yoga mat bag! 

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