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Twitter Giveaway!



Twitter Follower Giveaway:
A random follower picked this week will receive two free packs of patterns! 

After our recent, Pick-Yore-Brain customer survey, we discovered that there are more of you than we realized who don't know a danged thing about twitter. Well, prepare to get schooled! Uuuhnless, you'll already all over it. That's cool. But there were an awful lot of you who responded "What's twitter?" when we asked. (Don't worry, I won't out you here.) If you want to follow our twitter updates (little one-sentence blurbs with links, like a mini-blog), just visit Sublime Stitching on Twitter and follow us!

Update 3/13/09: Congratulations to DeannaL! And hello and howdy to all our new twitter followers!

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