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Jenny's Embroidered Blythe Dress

Are you familiar with Blythe Dolls?

They were first introduced in the 1972 by Kenner but they didn't take off and were pulled after just one year. But in 1997 New York photographer and video producer, Gina Garan, was given a vintage Blythe from a friend, and she began snapping photos of her doll in her surroundings around the world.  In 2000, Gina published her first book of Blythe photography with Chronicle Books, This is Blythe, and later that year Hasbro started making the dolls available again in the U.S.

Gina is holding a dress drive to raise money for Manna Energy, an organization that supplies clean water to children in Rwanda, and she requested that Jenny embroider a plain white Blythe dress for auction. Click here to see how sweet it turned out! And, you can bid on Jenny's embroidered dress right here.


photo of Blythe: Tinkerina

photo of Jenny's dress: Gina Garan

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