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Floral Patterned Tote!

New! Our blank Stitchable Eco Totes have been so cray-zay popular, that we decided to gussy them up with a limited edition design by Jenny already printed on the side and ready-to-stitch! The ink is easy to embroider over, and will fade with washing (just in case you don't follow the lines exactly, so no big whoop). You don't have to do any transferring (so no chance of mess-ups) and the design is nice and big to impress all who see it. And the fact that they're made for us via fair-trade, means you can rest easy knowing you're supporting a just and sustainable global economic system (and small, community-based businesses), just by embroidering a bag. Saving the earth and economy was never so much fun! Keep a stitched tote for yourself or stitch one for Mom - Mother's Day is less than a month away you know...G'wan and get one, while supplies last! Want a closer look? Study Jenny's stitching here.

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