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Indie Biz Chicks Conference

It's business time! Registration is still open for the virtual conference Crissy is holding over at Indie Biz Chicks. If you haven't visited before, I strongly encourage you to rush right over and check out her site. Indie Biz Chicks is full of useful information for all D.I.Y.ers out there, working to make it happen. This conference is virtual, so no one will know if you stay in your pajamas drinking coffee (Wait, do I get to do that, too? ~Jenny) while getting tips and tricks from some accomplished, amazing business women. Jenny will be video-conferencing Wednesday May 6th at eastern (1 central). Be sure to check out the full schedule for all fourteen seminars. And the best part: it's all FREE. That's not a typo folks: it's really FREE! Here's the registration link.  And if you can't "attend" , or just want to really dig into the info, Crissy is making a recording featuring all fourteen seminars available. You can purchase it here. Also, as some of you remember, Crissy featured Jenny on her Indie Biz chicks podcast a while back.  Wanna listen?  Check out Jenny Hart: Previous Interview on Indie Biz Chicks / Episode 29.

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