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Summit of Awesome Recap

Back now from Hello Craft's Summit of Awesome which lived up to its name and was totally awesome. It's always so wonderful to re-connect with online friends, fellow crafters and indie biz doers! Plus, we drink and dance. I saw my first, complete screening of crafty bff Faythe Levine's Handmade Nation documentary on Friday night. Up above are pictured (clockwise from left to right): Indie crafters feeling the love and making stuff, dancin' Deb Dormody of If'n Books, Rachel of Rainbow Sugar (she traded patterns with me for a googly-eyed brooch), Pittsburgh pals Mel and Jessica of Handmade Arcade, Grace Dobush of Gracie Sparkles (who has a new book, "Crafty Superstar" coming out in the fall!), and start-up sisters Kelly and Kasey Evick of Biggs and Featherbelle were my good-smelling booth neighbors. I gave a talk to a room of about 200 people, and held an embroidery workshop for a group of about 30. Busy, busy day! The evening's market, and the entire event was graciously hosted at Miss Pixie's shop in DC.

Other peeps not shown here you'll want to know about so you can support independent businesses:

El Jefe - Jaime Zollars - Joetta Maue - Crafty Nation - Something's Hiding in Here - ICE Atlanta - Re*construct
Jenn Burch - Jenna Isaacson
- Rebound Designs - Rania Hassan - Willotoons - Catia Chien
Merch Luv - Cosa Verde
- Knit Outta the Box

The best part of the conference though, was having my mom there with me. She has been the #1 supporter of Sublime Stitching over the years. She has done more than a few markets with me (Renegade Chicago is under her belt), and let me tell you- no one will work it for you like mom will. Look at her pimping out patterns at the market! She even interrupted my talk to say "Honey, I really think you need to tell these people about your Crafting a Business column." MaaawwwWwwm! Okay. She was right. 

I want to give a BIG THANK YOU to the amazing organizers of this event for inviting me to speak at the summit. I had a wonderful, wonderful time.

Wanna see more photos from this awesome event? Visit the Hello Craft Summit of Awesome Flickr Pool


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