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So simple, an editor can do it! (I kid, I kid) Look what came in the mail for me today! You know, it's just (sigh) extra special when someone gives me back their embroidery. This was stitched up by Kate, the editor I get to work with at Chronicle Books. Kate is just one of the wonderful and talented people at Chronicle whom I've had the chance to work with on the slew of projects just now coming out (>cough<new book this fall>cough<). This is what she did with my Stitchable Stationery and it's one of her first attempts at embroidering, so really, if this insanely busy book editor can find time to stitch a card -you simply have no excuse at this point. Say, didja ever wonder how I came to work with Chronicle Books and get published? Well, then you might like to read my column that I wrote aaAaAllll about it: Crafting a Business: The Deal With Book Deals

Get you some of that Stitchable Stationery pal!

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