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Marin the Model

Now that my Sublime Stitching Baby Bib Kit is available, I wanted to show off my friend Mindy's ridiculously cute baby, Marin, who so expertly modeled bibs for the instruction book and appears on the kit's box. All the photos in the full-color booklet were shot at my home here in Austin by my dear friend (and former bandmate) Kenny Gall. Marin was a wriggly, giggly model, but was otherwise no diva. She did demand a bottle at one point, though (Who does this baby think she is? Geez.). All kidding aside, it was really fun to get to work with my friends on a project like this. If you get the kit, I just wanted you to know that it comes a full-color booklet with pretty photos of a eye-searingly cute behbeh!

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