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Spool Fool

People frequently ask me how I organize or store my floss. Uh...erm...I kinda don't. Well, this is my solution: I keep a spindle rack (you know, the kind used for spools of thread), and after I remove the paper bands from the skeins of floss, I simply double them over or wind them around three fingers and plop them on a spindle. I keep the whole thing atop a vintage tv tray and can keep scissors, a personalized pincushion (made for me by stitchin' Jack here in Austin) and a box of sequins on hand.

Even more floss is in the sewing basket underneath (It's kinda dark, but if you look closely you can see it's my sewing basket that was on the cover of the Sublime Stitching book) with a selection of hoops ready for grabbin'. There are many other, more organized means of storing your floss, but this is how I do it!

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