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Celebrate Dads with "Em-boy-dery"

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Richard Saja

Man-broidery. Boy-broidery. Guy-stitching. Bro-broidery. Whatever you call it, guys are (and always have been) doing it. You know, embroidering! Wielding the needle! Marking the muslin! Poking the pillowcase! Splitting the stitch! Which is fantastically awesome. I say: there needs to be more men embroidering. And it seems that there are.

After all, needlework tends to be seen as belonging to the ‘gentler arts’ related to home and fashion, executed by women in a domestic setting. And, no matter how spectacular the results, no matter how many hours of patience and work, it seems to be appreciated by the few. Until men do it! Then we’re extra happy about it. And that’s okay, because traditionally in this country, men are not found quietly working over their hoops.

One of the best-known, living legends of embroidery is Monsieur François LeSage, whose work has playfully and beautifully adorned haute couture for decades. LeSage still presides today over Ecole LeSage in Paris where anyone (for a price) can enroll and learn some of the finest techniques of embroidery.

But don’t take my word for it, men are stitching it for themselves and here are some fine examples of men-who-stitch:


Ray Materson



Marc Dombrosky



Christopher Niver



Kent Henricksen



Michael Aaron McAllister



Takashi Iwasaki


You might want to learn about the less ‘gentle’ embroidery found in the Manbroidery Flickr Pool and on Mr. XStitch.



This entry was originally written by Jenny for


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