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Dior on Embroidery


Last night, I was browsing books in a shop, and I picked up a copy of a solemn-looking little tome called The Little Dictionary of Fashion by Christian Dior. Of course, my fingers opened it, without leafing first, right smack to the entry "Embroidery" (why does this always happen to me?). I read the entry with great fascination, amusement and a little bit of shock (it was first published in 1954, after all). Quoth Monsieur Dior:


One of the most beautiful things done by the hand of woman. But one of the most dangerous to use with elegance. I don't like embroidery on day clothes-unless it is very, very simple.

If used discreetly it is good for cocktail dresses and in a more elaborate fashion it is wonderful for evening clothes. For a dinner party a short embroidered dress may be very nice, but you must only wear embroidery on suitable occasions, otherwise it is pretentious.

-Christian Dior, from The Little Dictionary of Fashion (HNA Books)

Well! What do you think of that? Embroidery "dangerous"? "Pretentious"? I love that it inspires such extreme concerns! I can't help it. >Devilish grin< I think I'm going to have a leetle bit of fun with this quote. Ahem:

Embroidery re-visited (with all due respect and apologies to M. Dior)

One of the most beautiful things done by the hand of man, woman or child. Plain or elaborate, embroidery is always a symbol of elegance. I love insane embroidery on everything, everywhere, any time day or night, for any occasion. The simpler, the sweeter. The crazier, the better. J'adore embroidery! Gimme more embroidery! There is never a wrong time to be embroidered.

How's that? Better? I think so!




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