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Rad Rompers

I was just reminded of the supercuteness of this Daniel Johnston baby onesie, stitched up by Elsie Cake of Red Velvet Art.  It occurred to me that you, dear readers, might enjoy it as much as I do.  So many friends and family members have had babies this year!  What better way to immediately establish myself as "the cool aunt" than decorating onesies with Sublime Stitching Artist Series patterns.   Any tot who shows up in this is sure to have mad sandbox cred.
And while we are at it, here are some more impressive onesies, stitched up by our wonderful customers.
I found this one made by LittleBeeThatCould   with Michael Sieben patterns over on Flickr.   Perfect for that little skater baby in your life.
Also from flickr,  an assortment of Black Apple onesies made by kunderwood.  So inspiring!

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