August 20 2009 Thursday at 04:00 PM

Back to School - Pencil Case How-2



Ahhhh, late August. Composition notebooks, freshly sharpened pencils, the smell of paste in the air... School is back in session. And we have a very special how-to that's sure to get you to the head of the class!

May I introduce our Teacher, Ms. Karin (Orange Flower). Karin does beautiful work - sweet, simple, and fun. The zipper pouch she made here looks like it came straight out of a modern Japanese Craft book. Just darling. This pouch is perfect for pencils, but with other embroidery transfers, it would also make a great make up case (or tampon case). Take a look at the tutorial here. And we want to see your projects when you finish- don't forget to submit to our Customer Gallery

How-To: Zippered Pouch with Reverse Applique