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Geese in Bows! NoOoO!



I stopped in Ginger's Needlearts and Framing here in Austin the other day to visit its proprietress Ginger and give her a copy of my new upcoming book Embroidered Effects (she stitched three of the projects in it). She said, barely containing her laughter, "I have something for you toOoO!" and she gave me this little notepad with....geese in bows on the cover ($1.09? I am crazy about that price, though). Thaanks. Ginger knows of my outspoken tepidness for "geese in bows" or "geese in bonnets" as a general way to describe a crafting and needlework aethetic that is, let's just say...not my cup of tea. We both giggle a lot over it, even though she likes that aesthetic and knows I don't. The beautiful part? We both love needlework. The country-folksy market is just far-better served than, oh, anything else as far as needlework tends to go. A couple of years ago I did an interview with Ginger on Etsy's The Storque about the need for changing trends in needlework and the state of local needlework shops. Read what Ginger had to say!


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