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The Pinpals



Whew! I am back home in Austin after my book tour took me to Crafty Planet in Minneapolis and Renegade Handmade in Chicago (next month: San Francisco and Los Angeles!). It was so much fun getting to see old friends and make new ones. Thank you, to everyone who came out to see me! But enough about moi...

Renegade Handmade is currently showcasing the works of numerous embroidery artists. I'm always excited to get to see new work like this. I especially enjoyed the wall-hangings and jewelry of Candian-based The PinPals. They have hand-stitched buttons, earrings, lockets and pendants. Love!

The PinPals Etsy Store

Renegade Handmade: The In Stitches Showcase

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More photos, more embroidery and links 'n stuff from my travels coming!

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