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Christmas Gifts!


Since my digital camera has about five billion photos on it that I still need to download, I'm just going to resort to using my laptop's built-in to show you a couple of gifts I got this season...and from the designer herself, no less. While I was at Bazaar Bizarre in San Francisco a couple of weeks ago, I got to meet Rita Chu of Mochi Studios who gave me these handmade gifts! The gnome has a wonderfully embroidered hat and the mushroom (well, it deserves a better photo). Look closer... 

The mushroom (I think it would make a perfect pincushion) is actually a champagne cork with a crocheted underside, hand-stitched face and the tiniest, most wee little pom-pom fringe all around. Gush! You can adopt a Mochi shroom of your very own on her website: Thanks, Rita!


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