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Stitch It Kit: RIP


Oh, dear. I don't know how to tell you this. Something kinda great, and kinda not-so-great has happened to the beloved Stitch-It Kit, the first embroidery kit I wrote, stitched and illustrated for Chronicle Books. What's great is, all (and I mean all) of the remaining copies were purchased directly from the publisher by a distributor in the UK. People, that's a lotta kits to buy (somebody really loves embroidery). But, the bad news is, Chronicle Books isn't prepared to re-print a new run of the Stitch-It Kit (no one was expecting all those kits to get bought up like that) and now they're all gone from us and them. Only retailers who currently hold copies have them.

The good news is: there are still copies out there. We just don't have any of them ourselves (I'm clutching my one copy a little tighter now). If you want one before this kit goes the way of the dodo, I highly suggest you track one down via eBay, Amazon or your local bookstore.

Maybe the Stitch-It Kit is destined to become a rare collector's item. But hey! Even though the Stitch-It Kit had many unique things about it, we still have my original embroidery starter kit right here: Ultimate Embroidery Kit.


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