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Too Groovy

From American Denim: A New Folk Art by Peter Beagle (1974)
(image via Knitsquirrel)

8/10/12 - I originally posted this in 2010. Then, this look was too hippy for me. Now -it's perfectly on trend!

Hooray for vintage embroidery books! Even though the rustic, Foxfire-chic, macramé pantsuit fashion / decor aesthetic that was so prevalent in the 70's is not entirely to my personal taste today (Disclaimer: It depends. Proper proportions. Everything in moderation.), I do love the explosions of color, ambitious designs and liberal use of satin stitching on projects found in needlework books from the 70's: embroidery's last great heyday. (Today is its new heyday, btw. Hey! Yay!)

This trip down shag-carpeted memory lane was inspired by Amylou who wrote in to tell me about a book she'd come across called Native Funk and Flash by Alexandra Jacopetti. Which led me to look up Jacopetti's work, which led me to Folkwear Patterns (which she founded), and read up on the company's history as an independently-owned, woman-run pattern company (a story near and dear to my heart). I leave you to explore the rest!

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