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Rosita Johanson Adios Frida, 2005
Igolochkoy needle punch

I just learned, via a very nice customer email, about "igolochkoy" or Russian punch-needle embroidery. I mean, I already knew about punch-needle embroidery, but I didn't know its traditional roots were in Russia. (I need to get back to work on my needlework glossary.) My stitching curiosity piqued, I immediately searched the internets to learn more. I found traditional examples easily enough, but then found this very un-traditional example and hadta post it here. Embroidery is as embroidery does, people. And, you can use my patterns for punch needle!Y Yuh hunh!

Link (to more info on Rosita Johanson's work above)

Sublime Stitching Needlework Glossary (in progress!)

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