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Last-Minute Valentine?



You still have time to make a Valentine! Here, I'll help. You can make my Cupid Card. I thought multiple hearts on an arrow would send a stronger message than just one. All you need is: cardstock, needle and floss! Oh, and how to do a backstitch. I'll er, let you decide what to write on the inside.

The file for this design is linked below for you to download and print out. Just lay it over cardstock and poke the holes where they're indicated (front-to-back pulling your unthreaded needle all the way through), and stitch up for your sweetheart! If you want to use this design on fabric, break out a transfer pen or enlist some handy transfer paper. I love you, too. You're welcome.

Download > > Cupid Card Pattern < < It's FREE! XOXO

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