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Look, BOOKS!


Okay, okay. I have been taking a few blessed days off, as indicated by the lingering Valentine's Day entry from last Friday. Let's look at books! There are a buncha really great ones just coming out and it just so happens that I am each of them! No, really! I am, mom.


Kathy Cano-Murillo's (aka Crafty Chica) craft novel
Waking Up in the Land of Glitter
(Someone called the "Sublime Stitcher" makes a cameo. Sounds like a shady character if you ask me.)
The next is Garth Johnson of Extreme Craft's
1,000 Ideas for Creative Reuse 
(I have an embroidery project in it! First step: spill wine on yourself. Really! That's how it begins.)
And last, but not least- Vickie Howell's indie-crafter profile tome:
(Vickie interviews me about launching and building my company along with other independent, DIY designers.)


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