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Pretty on Pretty

This is a snapshot I took of one of my project examples in Embroidered Effects. Embroidery on patterned fabrics is something I swoon over! (Sorry- I can't remember where I got this fabric or who makes it... If I find out, I will post back.) This is really fun because you don't need a pattern. The fabric design *is* your pattern. You can just trace the lines with simple stitches, or take my approach (above) and get more creative with stitches that don't just trace, or colors that match, but enhance and embellish the motif with different types of stitches. You can do it.

Ooh ooh Mr. Kotter! There's also this oop ("out of print") book called Embroidery Magic on Patterned Fabrics from 1976 that is fun to look at. After all, for you non-stitching Sublime Stitching lurkers out there (and you know who you are) we all know that you don't have to actually do any embroidery to enjoy looking at it, right? Right. 

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