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Dramatic Hamster Redux



I spied this Dramatic Hamster (mom, this will explain), stitched up in visually inspired stitches by Carrie Dolashewich! I am truly impressed by all the stitches Carrie wielded here. I see chain stitches, stem stitches, French knots, cretan stitch, satin stitches, some nice combos of cross and straight stitch....are those sequins I see, too? I give this eight "yays!". She said it was inspired by listening to the Flaming Lips! Even more fantabulous.

✓ Wanna learn how to work these stitches? Check out some of my embroidery diagrams right here on the site, or feel free to get yourself a copy of my new book, Embroidered Effects. I go over all of these stitches and more innit! xo

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