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Word Balloons


You know, I'm always so rah-rah about everything around here, I thought I'd just fess up about one of my less stellar pattern attempts. "Word Balloons" went over like "Lead Word Balloons" when it came out, and I've never really understood why. It was a customer suggestion, and I thought it was a great one. Approved! Immediately put into production! I mean, aren't you just dying to put your own words into, over, around and across these balloons? I am! So, I broke 'em out and used this textile to make a sweet guest towel that says (I just wrote in pencil on it) "here." Like, "Here I am, a clean little towel for you to dry your hands on. Mind the embroidery. Thanks." Then you take a mint, leave a few coins in the tray on your way out and think "Well, that was extra nice."

Word Balloons Embroidery Patterns

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