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Fool for Tools!


"And then I use...pssth psst..."

Over on Facebook, I asked stitchers what they considered their most "indispensable tools for embroidery" aside from hoop, needle and floss. Pending availability of these in my own Tools section (where I do have iron-on transfer pens and iron-on stabilizer along with my other favorites) here is a helpful list to find all of their suggestions!

Clever and insightful answers also included "Wine", "Fingers" (don't get smart with me), "Time", "Daylight", "The right chair",  "My iPod".

(according to the great minds of my Facebook friends)

This iron-on transfer pen seemed to be #1

Clip-on reading light "for PM stitching"


Thread Heaven

Seam Ripper

Sticky Stabilizer
(different from iron-on)

Magnifying Light

Punch Needles

Needle Nest

Water Erasable Pen

Tracing Paper

Laying Tool

Floss Organizer

Here are some of my own favorites if I may be so bold:

Clover Embroidery Hoop

Q-Snap Frame

Spindle Rack
(I use it to openly store my floss like this.)

Everything you need to create your dream embroidery studio! Thanks for all the suggestions everyone!

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