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It's the you-are-so-being-spoiled

(bigger graphic for bigger sale)

Don't get too used to this. You know, I can't do a sale like this just any old time I feel like it...wait! Yes I can! I feel like it.
(I am spoiling you. I hope you know this. Seriously, this sale will have to hold you for a while. Don't look at me like that.)

x - x - x   BIG HAIRY HUMONGO SALE x - x - x
ENDED 4/13


$4.50 Pillowcases  - $10.00 Aprons


Birds of Prey - Bon Voyage - Country Cool - Dainty Days - Dia de Los Muertos (Cinco de Mayo!)
Dutch Russian - Gnomes and Fairies - I Luv Veggies - Jewish Symbols - Kurt Halsey - Lisa Petrucci
Lucha Libre - Michael Sieben - Mitch O'Connell - Mod Fashion - Monkey Love
Roller Derby - Scooter Babe - Sexy Librarians
Swanky Decor - Tattoo Alphabet - Vital Organs

(These are NOT going out of print, just on sale for you. xo)

Enjoy while it lasts!

One leetle thing: Gift Certificates and Discount Codes can't be used to purchase sale items.
I'm sorry -I'm not being mean, my website's shopping cart just won't function that way! 

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