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New Cool Tools


New tools for stitchin' fools! These supercute, polka-dot cases keep emergency embroidery tools (we all want to avoid an embroidery emergency) in your purse, coat pocket, suitcase or what-have-you. And, don't think this is just some cute case I'm dubbing a "tool case" -the insides are thoughtfully lined with magnets so your needles don't fly around all willy-nilly and there are elastic bands to keep your scissors (Yes! They fit inside!) from falling out when you open it. For stylish stitchers only, please (that means all of you). Cool Tool Case here!


And, I am SUPER excited about these scissors! Just look at them! While they won't take the place of your everyday scissors, they are definitely useful for doing the tiny snipping and uprooting that embroidery (sometimes) requires. That is why I am calling them: Wicked Step Scissors!


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