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Don't Seize my Scissors!

Please don't seize my scissors! This weekend at Renegade Craft Austin (which was fantastic - will blog tomorrow), a heartbreaking tale was told to me of airport security threatening to take away a gal's pink embroidery scissors! NoOoOoo! I am told: she cried. Real tears. Wept for the love of her scissors. They let her keep them! Now, I don't recommend you rely on such histrionics (although, I think they were completely reasonable under the circumstances). So, if you don't want to risk having airport security seize your scissors, you can get one of these neato gizmos called a Quickie Cutter that has an embedded blade. Yes. I am still obsessing on tools right now. 

Quickie Cutter - Link

ETA: HankyPankyLA on Twitter sent me a link to this jewelry-like pendant cutter!

(I think, for the most part, it depends on the person you are dealing with at security.)

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