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Got Craft?


photo credit: Studio Jeanie

My blogging butt has been dee-ragging on the ground. I completely neglected to tell you about the Got Craft event that happened earlier this May. I was just checking in on the Facebook, minding my own business, when I saw this lovely vision of craft goody bags they gave away with Sublime Stitching patterns peeking out! A vision! A dream! Makes me happy. Hope it made the recipient's happy, too. During my hectic day (hoo boy- you have no idea) I took a moment to just space out and stare at this. If you're really smart (unlike me) you'll plan ahead and be all nice and ready for their Got Craft? Holiday Show.


And, just to give you an idea of how behind I am- here I am, not this past weekend, but the weekend buh-fore, at Renegade Craft Fair Austin! I did a little demo in the Stitch Lab booth and I am desperately trying to remember how to do a complicated, modified open-knot that I....completely forgot how to do. While everyone just stared at me. Sweat formed. But, I came back! Thanks for everyone who came to see me. It was really a fantastic event -I'm already excited about next year! (I also don't know who took this photo~ Let me know and I'll credit you. xo)

Just a few fave friends I saw there:
The Wondercraft ~ Ryan Berkley ~ SuperMaggie ~ Emily Kircher ~ Christine Haynes ~ Public School ~ Mary Ink ~ Kim Sun Designs ~ Chia ~ Moxidoll ~ Model Citizen ~ Modest Ambition ~ Ornamental Things ~ Red Velvet Art ~ Swear Jar Design ~ Too Many Suitors ~ Victrola Studio ~ Harrilu ~ Kersplash (and many more I'm forgetting to include here!)

Oh, and it's too hard to see it here, but in my hair I'm wearing a black rose barrette made from a coiled vintage zipper by Milli Starr.

Yes, I will be back soon with more embroidery-specific stuff. And...maybe some sort of sale this week. Are you paying attention? Mom?

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