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Fendi goes DIY


FENDI DIY Baguette Bag - $995

Fendi goes DIY! The Italian luxury fashion house has introduced an embroiderable version of its iconic baguette. FAABULOUS! Now, that's perfectly darling, and I do love the mix of hi and lo, really I do -but sweetheart...(hushed tones) you can learn to embroider for far less. Fendi Price? $995.00 >choking on ham sandwich< Them's big-city prices, maw! Why, you can get one of my customizable kits for a mere $32.50. Maybe I should raise my prices? Yes? No? No...? Okay. No. Don't touch the car, dear. Driver? Uptown, please.

Fendi DIY Baguette Bag (thanks, Mr. Jalopy!)

Update: It didn't end there! Bergdorf Goodman held an event last April with a needlepoint expert showing clientele how to stitch on their bags!

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