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Stitchin' Arkansas Style



I was thinking I would hand over the blog today to Emma Gene (that's her on the left) and Myrtle Lee (that's her on the right) who will teach you some basic embroidery stitches. They might have a different perspective for you. Ladies? Take it away...

Emma Gene: What is it you want to do, hon?

Myrtle Lee: I think Ginny wants us to show her readers how to do some embroidery.

EG: Shooot. I ain't stitched a thing since I was knee-high to a grasshopper. Do you need to have hoop? 

ML: I never used one. All I know is that the back better look just a perfect as the front, and no knots.

EG: Right. Never a knot, and if the back isn't as purty as the front, you might as well not even bother.

ML: Hon', I know you said you wanted to stitch, but don't you think we should talk about that outfit you're wearing, Ginny?

EG: It really isn't doing you any favors.

ML: Ginny, have you learned how to cook yet? Great gramma Kate used to make the best giblet gravy...

Hold up! You're going to scare off my stitchers! (And, what's wrong with what I'm wearing?) Look, they'll never learn embroidery that way. Try my...Now-I-Get-It Stitching Diagrams!

(And keep away from the giblet gravy.)

x - x - x - x - x

p.s. Now, before you go off googling the source of this image (you won't find it), let me tell you: these are actually two of my great-aunts. There were more of them. They were the real deal. Their southern accents were thick as custard, they spoke in colorful expressions, and they could cut you down to size with a critical remark and a snort faster than you could say "okra". With love, they are missed.

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