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Coming Soon: Re-Incarnation!


(sample examples I'm stitching up all over one of my aprons)

Do you believe in re-incarnation? Well, where some of my earlier pattern sheets are concerned, I certainly do.

I'm really excited to finally re-vamp some of my most popular sheets! It's like everything old was new, and then it got old again and now it will be new again! Whoop! Look for re-incarnations SOON TO COME (like mmmmaybe next week-ish) of...

Tattoo Your Towels ~ Om Sweet Om ~ Flower Power ~ Pinups and Panthers ~ Spaced Out ~ Under the Sea ~ Viva Las Vegas!

Now, if you like the old versions just fine as they are, thankyouverymuch, get the PDFs now, before they go bye-bye 4-evar. Some of the older designs will remain, but not all. It will practically be like having six new sheets, so you can start getting excited about it...NOW!


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