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NEW & RE-INCARNATED PATTERNS! I have been spending weeks re-vamping 7 of the most popular sheets with new and updated designs for you. Boy, are my stitching fingers tired (but happy). Don't miss all the new patterns I've added:

Fantasy Flowers - All New Sheet!

Pinups & Panthers is now - Pinups by Gil Elvgren - All New Sheet!

Om Sweet Om - Now includes a chubby Buddha!

Under the Sea - Now includes an Octopus, Squid, Jellyfish, Coral (and more!)

Spaced Out - Now includes an Evil Robot Head, Flaming Meteor, Ray Gun, UFO (and more!)

Tattoo Your Towels - Now includes a Tribal Tattoo, old-school Anchor (and more!)

Viva Las Vegas - All New Sheet!

I'll be highlighting closeups of the stitched examples here on the blog in the coming weeks and also having a contest, so check back here  soon! Now, go get the new patterns, you. G'wan!

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