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Win this bag! (all funds go to Grind For Life) 

Embroidering for a cause! There are two fundraisers going on right now to benefit worthy causes:

Grind For Life: Amy Bindel of Early Bird Special has (~beautifully~) embroidered my Floral Fantasy Tote Bag (above), and donated it for Bake and Destroy's auction to raise funds for Grind For Life, an organization founded by Mike Rogers to provide financial assistance to cancer patients and families when traveling long distances to doctors/hospitals.

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Gulf Restoration Fundraiser: Meighan of My Love For You Is a Stampede of Horses is holding a seven-day only fundraiser to benefit the Gulf Restoration Network. I donated this piece. You can more info on the fundraiser is here, and all donated works are here.

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Maybe it's time to hold a Jerry-Lewis style embroidery-telethon? I need to get my velour tuxedo cleaned and I'm ready!

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