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Next month will be the first Conference of Creative Entrepreneurs in Seattle! This is a great and timely event, especially for those who want to hear experiences and learn from independent, creative professionals who have been DIY'ing it for years. I will be there as a speaker, along with several others from the DIY business and creative community. I'm excited not just because this is a collection of incredibly inspiring and motivated people -but friends I have come to know over the years and will get to see all in one place! Yay! Join our group hug and let us share our wisdom with you!

from the CCE website:

The Conference for Creative Entrepreneurs is a three-day event held in Seattle, WA on August 13-15 2010. It's packed with amazing speakers and events, geared towards serving and building the West Coast small business community for creative professionals:  designers, artists, and handcrafters.

Our Mission
The mission of the Conference of Creative Entrepreneurs (CCE) is to create a small business conference addressing the needs and disparities of the designer, artist and handcrafter (Creative Professionals). We have core values that we will cultivate at our events and through our website:

To educate the artist, crafter and designer on their way to becoming a creative professional
To provide support for business owners, service providers and creative industries.
To create a network of business owners, service providers and creative industries who have similar professional goals.
To be a sounding board and a “Safe Place” for people to come and share their ideas. To find collaborators in the west coast creative community for their projects.
To learn more about the needs of this population and to advocate for the needs of the creative professional both locally and nationally.

CCE Speakers

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